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2019 Fashion for Royal Ascot

2019 Fashion for Royal Ascot The Royal Ascot is one of the most anticipated events in the United Kingdom every year. It is a grand horse racing event that is the perfect outing on a summer day. The event is attended by the Queen of England herself, who is said to have enjoyed horse races ever since she was a child. Now, an event as grand and glamorous calls for a particular fashion of dressing and style. This year, the event will take place from the 18th of June to the 22nd and we are here to help you get ready for the upcoming event with the 2019 fashion for royal ascot. Read on to find out what to expect...

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A boss lady – fashionable and powerful icon!

What defines the term “boss lady”? Is it a technical saying for a female person in charge of some company, or there is more to it? The empowerment and recognition of women is not something new, although it has been greatly accented in the past years. Asking for their rights, acceptance, and equality has been a starting point for many female movements and that has brought a change. Being a boss lady in the so-called “men’s world” might have been hard in the past years, but today, women are taking over the world. With their graciousness, mindset, and dedication, women are presenting their power through many different aspects, especially through fashion. Seeing one boss lady is the image of determined,...

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Our story. The women behind the Boutique

Have you ever searched for fashion items that you cannot find in the regular shop, but your Instagram feed is full of them? Stylish yet elegant? Trendy but classy? Appropriate for all, no matter your body type, size, and colour of the skin? Well, someone thought of all of these matters and combined them in one – in an online shopping boutique called "The Array Lounge Boutique".

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