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Why do we support The Williams Syndrome Foundation?
My name is Leanne and as you might already know I am a Co-founder of The Array Lounge Boutique. What you probably do not know is I have a child with William's Syndrome. 
At 1 years old my son was diagnosed with Williams. That night I cried myself to sleep, grieving for the son I thought I had and for the future I was adamant he would fulfil. Thoughts of will he enjoy his life? Will his medical issues worsen? Will he be able to be independent, have a family, or a career even?
As a single parent family, fast forward a few years, my son is now 4 years old. He has spent the majority of his little life in and out of hospital.  He has had a NG tube due to his low weight gain. He also has Hypercalcemia which in turn has created renal issues. He has a cardiology condition and respiratory issues too. Just recently he has been threatened with exclusion from Nursery due to his over affectionate behaviour.
Over these last few years, I have not reflected on the initial questions I asked myself but more on being my son's ambassador, advocate and loving mother. My son is a wonderful, loving, humorous little boy. Its a joy to watch him pin his macho brother to the floor and smother him with kisses. Or when he takes my hand to dance with him.
Anyone who has a child with special needs knows there will be challenges but what has helped me through all the trials so far is by not living in fear. So, your custom is extra special to us as it means we can help support other families not to live in fear and receive the support they deserve.
What is Williams Syndrome?
Williams Syndrome is a rare congenital disorder that occurs randomly and affects one in 18,000 people in the UK. It is non-hereditary and causes distinctive facial characteristics and a wide range of learning difficulties. Infants often have delayed development and can develop physical and mental health problems, including anxiety and depression in later life.  WS people tend to be talkative and excessively friendly towards adults. WS is also linked to many health conditions such as heart problems and renal issues.